Monthly Archives: December 2010

Compliance with Current Legislation

  • Am I sure my business has kept up with legislative change?
  • Am I relying on “What we, have always done is…”?
  • Am I exposed, should something go wrong?
  • What should I do next?

Over time the Acts and Regulations governing or applying to the use and maintenance
of equipment in the work place have changed. New requirements have been added,
new boundaries put in place and while this is happening, advances in work practices have
occurred throughout the industry.

As time goes on, people move to new endeavours, others move to fill the voids;
sometimes not all the information or methodology is transferred or understood.
Frequently “improvements” are made to streamline systems and tasks, and improve on
maintenance efficiency. Sometimes things just fall through the cracks.

At James technologies we have the knowledge and skills to effectively review your work
practices and systems to provide a clear and concise picture of your position. We will
work with your people to provide recommendations on how your business can meet it’s
obligations with minimum disruption or expense.

Ken Cryer
Engineering Manager