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CST Mining values James Technologies

CST Mining values James Technologies

CST Mining Group has been a long-time client of Jamestech, for good reason.

Mr Alan Jolly, senior electrical maintenance supervisor for the company’s Lady Annie operations in Queensland, said, “we have been using the services of Jamestech since 2007.”

“Our primary role with Jamestech has been electrical labour hire, plus utilising their electrical engineer for specialised certification of the electrical equipment to ensure it is operating correctly.

“Jamestech can be relied on to provide reliable electrical and instrumentation labour, even on short notice”

CST has used Jamestech’s electrical contracting division to do electrical installation work in a remote area.

“They were extremely accommodating and did the job very well,” Mr Jolly said.

Jamestech managing director Darren Caulfield explained that both companies have maintained a strong working relationship over the years.

“Although we have not used Jamestech for training courses in the past we had received positive reports and have decided to bring them on site, to conduct high voltage training in November,” Mr Jolly said.

Mr Caulfield said the progression from labour hire to training is pretty common for Jamestech

“We get many companies who first turn to us for labour hire, but once they see the attention to detail of our staff and the other services we provide, they engage us for either contracting or training courses,” he said

Another important point for CST was Jamestech’s willingness to negotiate a fair deal, especially during slower times for the mining industry.

“CST and Jamestech have always been able to come up with an economical agreement, even when there’s been a bit of a downturn in the industry,” Mr Jolly explained

“Our team is always pleased to assist and happy to go out to Lady Annie, whether on or off site,” said Mr Caulfield

Jamestech CST Endorsement FINAL DOCX _4_-2Mr Jolly would recommend Jamestech to anyone requiring its services.